Ever spent the whole day playing with a garden hose when you were a kid? Well, you can now play with high pressure washers demonstrators to your heart's content during the Karcher Year End Roadshow at Karcher Store PJ on the 15-18 of December 2016!

Also, if you're still deliberating on that pressure washer purchase or simply unsure of the type of pressure washer you need, then you might want to make a date to grab yourself a bargain.

You can expect bargains up to 70% on items in the Clearance Corner and up to 30% discount on the rest of Karcher's home and professional offerings from the pressure washers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, window vacuums, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners including the Karcher Rain System. 

The Karcher name is synonymous with pressure washers but of all the Karcher pressure washers, the K2.360 is the most popular item in our inventory. Why? Simply because its 20 bar to 120 bar adjustable pressure output makes it ideal for just about anything cleaning chore around the house - giving you the flexibility of using the K2.360 for '360'-round the house cleaning from the family car to the family cat's mobile carrier. 

On the wet and dry vacuum side, the Karcher WD1 has been flying off our shelves simply because of its versatility and affordable price-point. The WD 1 features a new energy-efficient 1,000-watt motor (which is every bit as powerful as the 1,200-watt MV 1 it replaced!). The WD1 is capable to clean both inside and outside the household, vacuuming up dirt and small volumes of water up to a maximum of 15-litres.

For more vacuuming oomph, you might want to shift up to an industrial grade vacuum. The NT 38/1 Me Classic may be the smallest of the Karcher's professional-grade wet and dry vacuum, but it's big enough (38-litres stainless steel tank capacity to be exact), to handle household chores thanks to its powerful 1,500-watts turbine that will literally vacuum up everything that can fit through its nozzle - liquids, sludge, sand, construction rubble, dead house lizards.. Everything!

Moving into the interior, unless you wrap your carpets and fabric sofas in plastic, you are going to have to deal with soiled carpets and upholsteries at some point. 

Dubbed a spray-extraction cleaner, the Puzzi 10/1 is ideal for cleaning of carpets, soiled fabric sofas and even fabric car seats making it ideal not only for the housekeeping and car detailing industry but also for the fastidious house owner - We get a lot of inquiries from those folks as well! Used together with the quick-drying CarpetPro Cleaner RM 767 ensures your car, sofa and carpet would be back "in service" with minimal downtime.

...and the kitchen? That's where the popular SC1 Premium steam cleaner comes in. Utilising nothing more than water, or steam in this case, the SC1 Premium deep cleans kitchen floors and surfaces of all that greasy stains by steam mopping - doing away with the harmful chemical degreasers that requires back-breaking scrubbing and rinse up!

Finally, the garden range includes the Karcher Rain System that literally waters your plants even when you are away either over the weekend or on a round-the-world trip. All you do it set it and forget about it - just don't forget to pay the water bills!

Early bird specials.

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