It’s simple. Water is life. From the shadoof used by the Ancient Egyptians in 2000 BC to Archimedes’ Screw to the modern day manual hand-operated pump, man has always relied on ways to move water from one area to another.

Unlike early man, the modern man typically showers two to three times a day and with today’s vast network of plumbings, pressure typically drops to a dribble by the time it gets to your shower head, hence the need for a booster pump. Also, since water quality isn’t what it used to be compared to those early days, we have to resort to using water filters which further restricts water pressure at the tap.

Inline with CT Hardware’s affordable yet reliable mantra, the Welflo brand booster pumps is part of our in-house brand to cater to those home and small business owners looking for a cost-effective solution to their water pressure woes.
What’s a centrifugal pump?
At its most basic, a centrifugal pump consists of an impeller, which is basically a propeller inside a housing, powered by an electric motor through the input shaft, to move water.
The Welflo range of pumps consists mainly of the centrifugal-type pumps. The simplicity of the centrifugal design ensures years of trouble-free operation. Like its namesake, centrifugal pumps uses force to move water through the pump and generate head pressure. A trade-off with these pumps is that as the ‘head’ increases, the flow decreases.
What about multi-stage pumps?
Depending on cost, the Welflo range is further divided into single-stage, multi-stage and those with or without inverters. The single-stage or multi-stage refers to the impeller, single-stage being a single impeller design while a multi-stage, can have two or more impellers improving both flow rates and pressure. Multi-stage centrifugal pumps generates higher pressures by incorporating bigger and more impellers in the design. The trade-off is obviously the higher cost.
The Welflo CM230PC and CM440PC are both multi-stage centrifugal pump with a stainless steel construction. The CM230PC is rated at a max flow rate of 60-litres per minute with a max head of 28-metres and has a power rating of 370-watts. The Welflo CM440PC is rated at a max flow rate of 117-litres per minute with a max head of 35-metres and has a power rating of 750-watts or the equivalent of 1-horsepower.
The stainless steel design ensures good corrosion resistance and years of trouble-free service and no contamination or leaching of metallic elements from the pump housing into the water supply. The CM440PC is powerful enough to support two rain shower heads and one normal shower concurrently while the CM230PC is able to easily support one rain shower and one normal shower concurrently. The Welflo CM230PC and CM440PC are two of our best-sellers for this very reason.
What’s a pump ‘head’?
While everyone’s roughly familiar with flow rates, the ‘head’ output for a water pump is merely the height which the pump can raise water up to. This is important when your pump is mounted on the ground floor and has to pump water up to either the second or third floor bathrooms. Welflo pumps typically have head values of between 28 metres to a maximum of 45 metres.
What’s an inverter?
Much like your refrigerator, the inverter models such as the Welflo IBCMH440PT, is able to vary the motor speed depending on the load rather than just an on or off switch, saving both energy and wear on the pump.
The Welflo IBCMH440PT is rated at 750-watts and pumps out a max flow rate of 116-litres per minute with a max head of 30-metres. The IBCMH440PT is also equipped with a pressure tank for consistent water pressure. The pressure tank also acts as an absorber against the water-hammering effects which can adversely affect older plumbings.
The IBCMH440PT’s inverter consumes 57% less energy versus a conventional 750-watts pumps while maintaining a constant water pressure at the tap, regardless of variation in demand or inlet water pressure. The IBCMH440PT is able to supply sufficient pressure and volume to two rain shower heads and one normal shower concurrently.
The Welflo range also includes a smart pump in the form of the HQSM-405A. The HQSM-405A is able to accurately monitor both water flow and pressure through it’s smart controller rated at 400-watts power and has a max flow rate of 62-litres per minute with a max head of 45-metres.
Finally, we have the Welflo HGS253PA, a submersible pump with an auto sensor rated at a max flow rate of 100-litres per minute for swimming pool maintenance. The HGS253PA has a submersible depth of 7-metres and has a power rating of 250-watts.
All Welflo pumps featured comes with a 24-months warranty on the motor, 12-months warranty for the pressure controller, a free anti-vibration mat and two PVC union coupling. Prices includes installation not inclusive of wiring work within a 25km radius of the Klang Valley. Additional charges may apply to areas not covered.
Just like how every individual is different, every household has different requirements when it comes to their booster pump needs, hence there’s no one-size pump for every household. Why not give our experts a call for free advice at 03-7803 2200. Visit for more info on our range of pumps.